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Welcome, Bienvenue

I solve innovation challenges leveraging my international experience in UX/UI design and web development, behavioral science, and business growth strategy.

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Innovation is more than tech jargon and trendy terms—it's a deep-seated response to the evolving needs of humanity. As we navigate a post-pandemic world reshaped by climate change and the rapid evolution of AI, our human needs are shifting at an unprecedented pace.

My innovation process is a strategic fusion of psychology, sociology, cutting-edge technology, and foresight into future challenges, underpinned by a robust understanding of financial models to optimize profitability. In this transformative era, adapting to change is more than a survival skill—it's an essential component of thriving and creating value.

The pandemic has underscored the importance of this adaptation. My approach delivers impactful and scalable solutions that are not only efficient but also commercially viable, offering a robust blueprint to navigate this reshaped world.

So, here's the question: What's your process in this new era of innovation?

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About Claire

Experienced marketing consultant and behavioral scientist with over 10 years of expertise in supporting the growth of social enterprises.

With a stellar track record of delivering transformative solutions for 30+ C-suite clients in global hubs like New York, Jakarta, Nairobi, and Paris, I bring an unparalleled cross-cultural perspective and fluency in both French and English. Equipped with an MBA from INSEAD, a BA from Wellesley, and additional certifications in Design and Social Psychology, I am dedicated to catalyzing impactful change and propelling the expansion of social enterprises. My strategic expertise lies in empowering companies that leverage behavioral science in tech and UX, enabling them to achieve remarkable success and make a lasting positive impact on society.

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My research team at Sanergy while they clustered findings from group interviews and ethnographic research into themes. This research informed a new marketing strategy that resonated with consumers and ended up tripling product usage (Nairobi, 2015).

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My process is rooted in understanding of behavioral science and global trends.

Which part of the process do you need to focus on?

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Tailored Research Approach: Qualitative, Ethnographic, Expert Interviews, Secondary Sources


Ideation into Iterative Concept and Design Testing 


Business Case Development, Go to Market Strategy & Growth Hacking


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Work Samples

Review here 5 cases of problems I solved for clients: from Japan to Kenya, from an EdTech platform to a multinational food group.

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Don't take it from me, take it from my former clients and managers!

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The qualitative research and UX recommendations Claire delivered over a short, but intense two weeks were critical to helping us iterate the platform which impacts upon millions of pupils across the UK.

John Roberts, CTO, Oak National Academy


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